Top Supplier for Copier, Photocopier and Photostat Machine in Malaysia

Copier and Photostat Machine Supplier in Malaysia

We are the Main Supplier when it comes to Renting or Buying a Copier or a Photostat Machine in Malaysia. We have a variety of photocopier from top brands such as Canon, Ricoh, Fuji Xerox, OCE and many more to meet your business needs. Whether you need a fast copier for your office or a small photostat machine for your shop, we can help. Contact us for more information on our prices and customer service.

Why Choose Optimus Copier?

Reduce your Cost

Providing cost efficient Copier which will rapidly increase your Company’s Productivity


Easier Setup and Maintenance for all types of Copier


The Selection of the Best and Certified Brands of Copier across the Globe

High Quality Product

The Selection of the Best and Certified Brands of Copier across the Globe

Save Time

Fastest Responding and Experienced Tech Support

User Training

Our support staffs are available to assist after Copier is installed

Arrange an appointment with one of our sales representatives !

Don’t wait any longer. Take action today and embark on an exciting journey to achieve your goals. Let us guide you through the process and help you unleash your true potential.

Main Brands That We Support and Supply

Canon Copier in Malaysia
Fuji Xerox Copier in Malaysia
OCE Copier in Malaysia
Ricoh Copier in Malaysia

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NO Deposit and NO Rental Fees

Call or visit us today to find out about our wide range of payment plans and solutions.
All of our products can be purchased on monthly payments and with no interest.

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